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Webpage Capture is a great tool for taking screenshots of entire webpages. It can take screenshots of any web page to store web pages offline.
You can take a screenshot of all the text and images contained in the view you are looking for in the search view. Finally scroll through the content and web view when you see it easily captured in the image file and PDF file in your mobile storage.
Web Page Capture allows you to store large amounts of data at a single glance. It’s now easier to use webpage capture to save your friends’ outlines, comments, pictures, Facebook, Twitter and newspapers.
– Save any web page to PDF or image format.
-This app acts as a PDF converter from the webpage.
-This app can take long scroll shots of any web page.
– Capture the entire preview of any of your social media profiles to save the web.
-Web page to PDF file app, because it helps to save the captured web in PDF file.
-Capture any complete web conversation history with one click,
– Capture any online book / novel preview in the Store Web Page option for later reading.
Save the captured webpage to PDF for best use.
– Save and share option for captured webpage.
– Screenshot of the complete webpage, chat and social media profile in a PDF file.
The Web Capture app is a great tool for protecting any web.
PakLogix is very excited to bring you this very important and significant update for this app. In this update we have updated this web page capture image in PDF format. Web Page Capture also works to save the entire online page in a long shot or PDF file

Advanced Tool Capture Web without Visiting

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