Terms of Service

Characteristics and Terms of Service

  • This organization does not in any way promote negative ideas or condone negative personal lives, We nurture and encourage only positive ideas to bring clarity to the ambiguous levels of people’s lives.
  • We are a non-profit organization, this organization guides people’s lives to the right and good path and helps them own skills development. Thus through it provide a source of them income.
  • The research areas of deep lab are divided into 5 teams and among these there is a special group called DL Team (Deep Lab) which includes management related things, activity departments and some other special research topics.
  • Other than those selected by the management themselves, no one can participate in the working areas of deep lab or join the team without answering certain personality assessment questions.
  • Using Deep Lab’s research data as your own without mentioning us is an offence and punishable under Copyright Disclaimer Section 107 of the copyright act 1976
  • All teams in deep lab are managed by deep lab, although they have other management indirectly, but all their activities are under the full supervision of deep labs main management.
  • Deep lab focuses only on positive things, so any of our researchers who go against purpose of deep lab or goals will be kicked out without warning
  • Only those in the management department and those with extreme content will be allowed to post within deep lab and such content will be published within their respective team
  • For other articles we will by opened another website and we will provide for them with our approved badge, positioning and authorized profile, which leads to a gross increase in their income.