The way of ultimate positive thinking and charecter formation

This article explains the various stages of initiation and development of many negative human behaviors and describes how to prevent them.

Life without God is Meaningless

Knowing God such that knowing Higher Dimention How do we as Three Dimentions know a Higher Dimention? The fish in the pond are not fully aware of things outside the pond, they can only perceive certain waves from the outside so they cannot fully comprehend. Since they do not have the senses to fully comprehend … Continue reading Life without God is Meaningless

Nature is the shadow of the hidden eternity (The illusion)

Look at how much insight nature gives us each day, and how many great lessons it gives us every time we sleep and wake up. The presence of the sun on the earth, which is full of darkness, gives such a great light that life exists only by the presence of that light. When the … Continue reading Nature is the shadow of the hidden eternity (The illusion)