Share Your Findings

Share your valuable and clear findings with us, including your name and details.

There are many systems in the world to publicize your findings, and you may even be able to publicize misinformation. However, Deep Lab will only accept your findings after a very detailed study and examination and will publish your article here, including name and details.

It’s a big deal for a research organization to accept a finding of yours so your articles should be as complete as possible


  1. We do not need plagiarized articles
  2. The article should be your own
  3. Articles should be very in-depth studies
  4. Avoid using an idea multiple times unnecessarily
  5. The behavior of the articles should be very satisfactory
  6. Your articles should be ones that bring readers to light

One fact we emphasize again is that your articles are reviewed by an advanced research organization. We can only advertise your article if it is as important as your article.

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