Research Teams 📂

We have divided the team into five categories

  • Team DL (Deep lab )
  • Team Enigma (Essence of everything )
  • Team Ezra (Elaboration of zillion rebirth applications)
  • Team Phoenix (The paranormal investigations)
  • Team Large Heart (The environmental social studies)

DL™/ In addition to all the teams we established another team called “Deep Lab Team”. It is a team with many high-level responsibilities that are both root cause and critical. DL™ focuses on discovering good personal lives and developing investigative behavior in individuals. It is a higher management team that controls all the teams.

Enigma™/ This team researches the divinity and its life and the ambiguities of our life through the universe. It is a group of higher studies such as theology, paranormal activities. The Enigma Team conducts research on many topics that we rarely hear about and that are beyond our reach.

Ezra™/ This team mainly Involved Artificial Intelligence Dileep Mohan(CEO)is leading this team. This team is a bunch of programs with endless rejuvenation potential. Bot holographic, programming virology and artificial wormhole are the major research topics here.

Phoenix™/ Phoenix is another top and mystic research team of deep lab, phoenix mainly focuses on research topics related to paranormal, paranormal activities are also done by this team.

Large Heart™/ This is Deep Lab’s largest area of social and environmental studies. Our world is one where many criminal and unjust events take place, and negative attitudes, whether in power or in private life, make the world itself negative. We strive to make the character traits of individuals good and upright and thus improve their attitudes. Therefore, Team Large Heart is researching how justice can be done and how to mold good personalities and create a small society that seeks peace and justice.