Research Categories 📂

As mentioned above, we mainly do things that lead a person to the path of true truth, at the same time we present here some of Our discoveries, These findings are highly subjective, and we are doing a lot of research on the universe itself based on current findings. We will post those findings in a section called Cosmological findings. When we think of cosmology, we mean the study of all the subjects in the universe, not just one subject.

Our findings on Artificial intelligence are also very high and they are all provided for researchers and students. The Ezra team manages most of the activities related to artificial intelligence. App Modification is the main function of Ezra. It is also a Google Certified organization, We are ready to carry out legal hacking and thereby detect cyber crimes. that provides complete Cyber security. We study and try to prove many cases that have not been proven to date. We have created a section here called DL Android App Research, We are releasing here as a Mod version, adding some extraordinary features to the most popular apps on social media. Paid application We modify here and make it free. Parapsychological Research is another area of ours. This area is another very complex area of discovering and studying Paranormal facts.

Deep Lab’s ultimate thought is to try to lead the present and future generations, who are more superstitious than the old, who think only of divine truths as myths, to the divine aspect of absolute truth. Theology is the whole essence of science, and science today makes it clear that there is a medium for all matter, so that knowing creation from the Creator is perfect. So our Theological Research and Theological Blogs are written in a way that is very useful for truth seekers.

Deep Lab is not limited to researching certain aspects of the universe, we are researching the all higher aspects of the universe itself. Science explains today that there is a medium in everything We inform you about that medium