Phoenix ™ Paranormal Investigation

Phoenix is another top and mystic research team of deep lab, phoenix mainly focuses on research topics related to paranormal and paranormal activities are also done by this team. Phoenix is a team of DL-Parapsychological Research and there are sub-topics under this team that both joiners and researchers should take note of.

Special Investigation Departments


This is the field of study of night and objects that move at night. Night sounds, night sights, sleep, night activities, night meditation and fear are all the subjects studied here.


Scotobiology is the study of biology that directly and specifically affects darkness. This is to detect the interaction of particles of darkness with particles of light and research the details of its presence in the universe.


The scope of “phantomology” proper is to study the virtual reality of physical consciousness – from phantom limb to phantom body. A “supernumerary phantom” is the abnormal experience of a body part in the absence of peripheral loss.


The study of Out-of-body experiences. Projectology is the study of experiences of consciousness outside the human body. Individuals mind is an biggest vehicle for travel, so we can fill up knowledge in our vehicle and travel endlessly


Oneirology is the scientific study of dreams. Current research is looking for correlations between dreaming and current knowledge of brain functions, as well as understanding how the brain works during dreams in relation to memory formation and psychiatric disorders.


The study of the interaction between matter and electromagnetic radiation and the analysis of the electromagnetic spectrum. Also related to the found and study of ghosts, phantoms, or apparitions. Also called phantasmology, spookology. — spectrological,


It is a detailed study of the theory, discussion, or study of miracles and the basis and cause of miracles if they occur.


Truthology is the inquiry into the nature of reality. It is an ethical general subject that is relevant to all fields. Truthology is the ethical analysis of keeping all research findings grounded in truth


Literally, demonology is the science of demons and their activities.  In classical ancient Greece ‘daimones’ were considered guardian spirits or good or evil spirits that sought to influence the human mind.

Research Methodology

In its most general sense, methodology is the study of research methods. However, the term can refer to methods or philosophical discussion of related background assumptions. A method is a structured procedure to achieve a specific goal.

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