Our license (Ethics)

We are certified in a wide range of areas of cyber and artificial intelligence as well as dealing with darkweb activities and even crime within the darkweb. Dileep Mohan is the CEO of the organization, which manages and certifies all of them

Certificates of Cyber Security

Certificates of Artificial Intelligence

Certificates of Darkweb legal Activities

DL- Research Organization Cyber and Artificial intelligence activity Management

Loc Online @dlresearchorganization

Built Year

2020 March 1st

Main Staffs

34 Staffs

Main Research Subjects

11 Subjects

Working Hours

We are Working 24Hr

Working Days

We are Working 6Days

Built for Future

We guarantee a completely private information transfer system for the future and we are developing new cyber security system

About Dileep Mohan (CEO)

Dileep Mohan is a Professional Certified Ethical Hacker also Certified in Advanced Hacking and Cybersecurity.He’s Certified Specialist with experienced in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.He achieved success due to his commitment in providing Ethical legalized hacking and Certifies as Data Anayst.He achieved Global Certification for machine learning, data science,IOT, android development.. Etc…