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We built an Artificial Wormhole, which system is a complete private information transferring system. Your billions data can transfer anywhere free and privately, there have no any observers, bots, traffic

We have developed a program called the mickey program, which can evolve and extend itself when associated with other program code. like an Cancer cell

Our remote study of diseases and the patients found that there are many times more mentally ill people in the world than physical patients. Negative environments, misconceptions, and many traditional lifestyles that follow lead to more mental disorders.

The number of reported crimes in India in 2021 is 3,06,389 and the number of unreported is higher.  According to our long-running study, crime, violence, anarchy, injustice, adultery, harassment, and rape occur in over 85% of the world’s population and these are happening in every 5 second

Brought up a new page of activities related to paranormal. Our areas of research have been expanded a bit and we have tried to make the topics clearer. Updated pages like Contact us page and Donate page

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