Large Heart™ The environmental Social studies & Trust

This is Deep Lab’s largest area of social and environmental studies. Our world is one where many criminal and unjust events take place, and negative attitudes, whether in power or in private life, make the world itself negative. We strive to make the character traits of individuals good and upright and thus improve their attitudes. Therefore, Team Large Heart is researching how justice can be done and how to mold good personalities and create a small society that seeks peace and justice.

Special Research Categories & Studies

Charitable Studies

It is a field of study about making philanthropic work possible and developing it in an effective way, charity work is also done by this team.

Skill Developmental Studies

This team explains about our skills, its potential and ways to generate income from it. This team explains how to discover your talents and how to leverage them to get ahead.

Social controversial Studies

The topic here is detailed studies on various social problems, rumors and their solutions in the society. It includes debaters, journalists and controversial thinkers.

Child developmental Studies

It is the developmental domain of the environment, discipline, and encouragement that an baby must provide. There is a lot of guidance for children to grow up with positive character traits

Educational Research Studies

The right method of learning called discipleship is pointed out and it is taught here that the presence of a good Guru is necessary for good character development.

Ideological Studies

An ideology is a set of beliefs or philosophies attributed to an individual or group of individuals, especially those that are purely non-cognitive, with practical elements as prominent as theoretical elements.


Truthology is the inquiry into the nature of reality. It is an ethical general subject that is relevant to all fields. Truthology is the ethical analysis of keeping all research findings grounded in truth

Research Methodology

In its most general sense, methodology is the study of research methods. However, the term can refer to methods or philosophical discussion of related background assumptions. A method is a structured procedure to achieve a specific goal.