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Terms and conditions

If you want to join our team you should know Deep Lab well. Our mission and activities have just begun but it took a long time for us to work for this organization. We do not want employers here, we need light advocates who carry light here. Do you think this is something new? No one can remain in this organization except those who dedicate themselves to leading the people through reality.

Do not think that this is just a form that can be completed by those who come to join. By filling out this form you are revealing your personality.  After selecting you we will ask for your photo and give you a post called Researcher including contact information in DL Management Team.

Follow the Five Public Instructions

  1. Our thoughts and ideas are very complex and no one can enter here except those who are very complex in life.
  2. We do not encourage wrong behaviors, ideas, or practices that lead people astray. Because the blind cannot guide the blind and if they do so both will just fall into the pit
  3. We will only accept truth seekers of an inquisitive nature here. The mind without seeking the truth is worse than a child with a genetic defect
  4. No one who pursues atheists or anti-God ideas can continue with us. Because science has proven that there is an observational phenomenon (Observer Effect) in the universe that observes everything
  5. We do not discriminate on the basis of your education, we focus on your IQ. Education alone does not make one intelligent or superior, it is the complexity of your sense that makes you superior and intelligent.

The questions in these forms may seem simple to you at times but they are not. There are vast ideas hidden in each of these questions so let your answers be as high as possible. We currently have four teams and can join all of these as a whole.

Choose the form you decide

These are Personality Assessment Form So here you are revealing your personality. Applicants must read these instructions. If you have difficulty understanding the language, we have a language translation system in our sidebar so that you can translate information into any language.

We are a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you. We are all wi be engaging and hard working for growing this Organization, We have many big plans in this Organization. Firstly we want to lead for a Positive trait of truth our peoples For this matter we are mainly concentrating

DL™ This team is the total management team of dlro, they conduct research in all areas, they are the ones who lead all teams and determine the position of researchers, only their findings and research information are displayed on the official site of dlro, only the most in-depth research information of the research conducted by the teams is displayed within the team, for other articles we will by opened another website and we will provide for them with our approved badge, positioning and authorized profile, which leads to a gross increase in their income.

Enigma™ This team researches the divinity and its life and the ambiguities of our life through the universe. The Enigma team is a top team of dlro that researches the most in-depth topics. Team Enigma is focused on researching topics that are very inaccessible to the human mind, starting with cosmology and theology.

Phoenix™ Phoenix is another top and mystic research team of dlro, phoenix mainly focuses on research topics related to paranormal, paranormal activities are also done by this team. This team is involved in studying various paranormal cases, finding evidence related to them, and investigating haunted places. Therefore, this is a team that takes a lot of risk.

Ezra™ which originated from the concept of Elaboration of Zillion Rebirth Applications (EZRA ™), has now been able to regenerate a number of applications. Ezra is also known as ‘The Enigma of Mod’ because of the enigmatic nature of all the Mods Applications we have made possible. Here we need highly talented individuals. Deep Lab needs people with a positive attitude and we do not accept any person with a negative attitude here. Similarly, only those who develop a positive attitude can join Ezra. If the topics that Ezra is researching are received by people of a negative nature, they may pose a greater risk of violation.

We do not assign you a burden or hard work here, we only ask you to join our start and help grow. Your post will not be based on your educational qualifications but on your IQ. We will publish the names and photo posts of those we choose on the site.

Terms and Conditions for Join Ezra Team
  1. You need to have a good idea about the Ezra team and Deep Lab, our activities and plans are higher than you think.
  2. Joiners must be familiar with program coding. Coding, Decoding, Recoding.etc .. Those who do not know should improve.
  3. You should be able to read a program carefully and find the errors in it
  4. Must know or handle improving bots
  5. You may have to deal with program viruses regarding their program coding.
  6. You may have to go to court legally if you copy or misuse information from us without a direct purpose.
  7. You must be active in the Whatsapp or Telegram Group that we add you
  8. You can participate in our experimental observations and share comments
  9. Share about Deep Lab with your people
  10. You can make donations to the DL Charitable Trust if you can

The Beta Experimental section is reviewing our projects, applications and research, as well as for finding errors in it as well as finding solutions.

Large Heart™ This is Deep Lab’s largest area of social and environmental studies. Our world is one where many criminal and unjust events take place, and negative attitudes, whether in power or in private life, make the world itself negative. We strive to make the character traits of individuals good and upright and thus improve their attitudes. Therefore, Team Large Heart is researching how justice can be done and how to mold good personalities and create a small society that seeks peace and justice.