DL-Theological Research

Here are the most hidden truths that the world’s religions or philosophies cannot teach, find, or convey. Those who have discovered in the soul the cause of the whole universe, the existence of a changed universe, and the extent of this infinite universe, have called it the Glory of God. O young man come up here You Can see this Mystical insights. After a man could saw a light in darkness What he do? Will he go his Friends near and told about that light? Sure, We are doing that same thing too

Our Research Categories

Biological Theology

It describes the theological purely scientific studies and research on the eternal and higher state of life. This explains the scientific findings that life comes only from life and is not subject to evolution.

Cosmological Theology

The scientific study of the universe is profound, but what theology teaches about the universe is far-reaching and astonishing. Here we discuss the beginning and the end of the universe as we see it, and the eternal truths of the universe without beginning or end.

Philosophical Theology

Theology is completely beyond principle.  Theology has always taught us about the eternal structure in which we are to become.  Therefore, what we know as God’s commandments is not subject to principle

Our Findings

That which is far off, and exceeding deep

He who knows the universe and the eternal and changing structure of the universe and along seeks life and the meaning of life through it will go to the beginning and the end of everything.  Read more