DL-Management Team

We are a small team of versatiles with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you. We are all wi be engaging and hard working for growing this Organization, We have many big plans in this Organization. Firstly we want to lead for a Positive trait of truth our peoples For this matter we are mainly concentrating

Foundation of Deep Lab Research Organization (dlro)

Nithin B & Dileep Mohan

This organization originated from India and was started on 1st January 2020 by Nithin B and Dileep Mohan who revealed the results of their intense research and studies since 2015, their goals and plans were always beyond the reach of the human mind. They investigated in some groups. Deep Lab strives to remove the ignorance of individuals and guide them to the right path of truth and their eternal and perfect life.

This is our Main Team Members


Enigmatic Nithin

Founder & M.D

Nithin is the Establisher and Managing Director of Deep Lab. He is mainly related theological and cosmological findings in Deep Lab. His principle is to think, study and explore the above. Here he reveals very high ideas to study about Theological and cosmological as well as Researching Parapsychological, Philosophical Etc..

Website : enigmaticnithin.wordpress.com

Dileep Mohan (Scientist)


Dileep Mohan is a Professional Certified Ethical Hacker also Certified in Advanced Hacking and Cybersecurity.He’s Certified Specialist with experienced in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.He achieved success due to his commitment in providing Ethical legalized hacHe achieved Global Certification for machine learning, data science,IOT, android development.. Etc…

Amansha A (Researcher)


Amansha is Chief Operating Officer (COO) He is operating our all activities and maintaining our projects. He is very eligible For this organization’s highest-ranking executive position. He have graduated in Ideology

Our Consultants and Others

Saj Saimon (Chessologist)


He is a chess scientist and is the founder and operator of Deep Lab’s Chess Research Academy. He is also nicknamed ‘sajdivinemotion’ because of his glorious moves in the game of chess. His theory is that chess can positively influence the human mind.

Want to work with us?

This organization not everyone permit for Research. We do not need people who are capable of saying anything, we need people who are bright. We need people who carry light. What is needed here are spokesmen of light who are able to show light to those who are in darkness and keep them in the light forever.

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