DL™ Instagram ⚙️ (Team Ezra)

DL Instagram has very useful and highly privileged features in every sense. This keeps you very private You can bring anonymity in yourself, Secretly attend live calls and download any posts and We have Google Certification

Extra features
1. Reels stories Photos download
2. Knowing unfollowers
3. Live video join anonymity (Live ghost mode)
4. Hide view stories
5. Don’t mark messages as read
6. Hide typing status in DM
7. Maximum high quality Photo downloading etc….

These are main layouts. Highlighted chage your mode and download any post or video

dL Instragam is not limited to 1 of these, you are sure to find much more here as you go deeper

DL You can see the depth of Instagram here, This gives you a very powerful Privacy You can keep a complete anonymity

DL Instagram runs everything from a new themed system to a high backup system

With this one ‛Theme option’ you can bring a look and feel to it

It is related to make your privacy much more perfect, We have brought here a number of systems that Normal Instagram does not allow, If you do not like Adds, here is a way to block them all

Here is a system to find your unfollower

With this feature you can lock and save your app

Live Ghost Mode ’is a great option related to privacy and you can attend live video calls with anonymity.

Most of what we have to explore and understand is that we are still discovering new updates

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