DL-Cosmological Research

We know that our universe is a complex but one of the most complex is the formation of this universe. Why the need for such another space in the infinite universe? Why is life so important there? We are born and live and die, coming from obscurity and returning to obscurity. But who knows that ambiguity? The true sage is the one who knows that ambiguity. We are trying to make you aware of those ambiguities, what we are referring to here as the universe is all the knowledge in the universe. This section is a compilation and explanation of many topics about the universe

Our Research Categories

The Parallel World

There are now some scientific theories that support the idea of ​​parallel universes beyond our own. However, multiverse theory is one of the most controversial theories in science. Our universe is unimaginably large

Physical Cosmology

Physical cosmology is the branch of physics and astronomy that studies the physical origin and structure of the universe. It also includes the study of the nature of the vast universe. By this we mean that the universe has a clear origin and end

Theological Cosmology

Theological is generally known as a group of beliefs based on mythology, religion, mysticism, creation traditions, and esotericism. But we are not explaining here studies and discoveries based on religions or mere religious beliefs. We examine those mysterious books that religions carry for the survival of communities.

Philosophical Cosmology

Philosophy of cosmos or philosophical cosmology is a discipline directed to the philosophical contemplation of the Universe as a totality, and to its conceptual foundations. It draws on several branches of philosophy—metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of physics, philosophy of science, philosophy of mathematics, and on the fundamental theories of physics

Mathematical Cosmology 👆

We may have a good understanding of the subject of mathematics but do you know exactly what subject mathematics follows? Current mathematical discoveries indicate that mathematics can bring everything together.

Findings and Blogs

Mathematical Universe (Equation of Singularity)

We may have a good knowledge of mathematics, but do you know exactly what mathematics speaks to us about?  Current mathematical discoveries indicate that.. Read More