DL-Biblical Research


God is higher than can be found through observational experiments. Although we see, know and experience light, it is as if it carries an energy that our eyes cannot receive or approach. We know only in part, think in part, and learn in part. We experience only the result of everything and the action remains above our thoughts..

Research or Study Departments

Biblical sudy of History

The Bible is the perfect universal wisdom. The Bible will lead us to things that can be put into practice and to higher levels of practicality and above.

Biblical Study of Eternal Life

It studies the facts that bring nature back to eternity, which has come to an illusory state, and return to impermanence from a state of decay.

Biblical study of Nature

A study of the profound relationship between man, nature and God, and its profound influence on life.

Biblical study of Rependence

The study of the renewal and metamorphosis of the mind is the first and most important step of all, and it is repentance that allows us to accept all reality and undergo a complete body-life-spirit change. Scientifically, this process is known as neuroplasticity

Biblical study of Practicalities

These studies describe the higher dimensions of practicality and the truths that we should practice from the earliest days of life to the end.

Findings & Blogs

Life without God is Meaningless (Vanity of Life)

Everyone is taught only about the universe, the universe speaks to us every moment and always takes our eyes to the unseen eternal. Only those whose inquisitiveness becomes the basis of life can discover the truth. Read more

The impracticality and Practically of Rational thought

The practicality of rational thought begins with inquisitiveness which leads him from a three-dimensional structure to a higher dimension. Rational thinking is not based on one thing, Read more

Nature is the shadow of the hidden eternity (The illusion)

Look at how much insight nature gives us each day, and how many great lessons it gives us every time we sleep and wake up. The presence of the sun on the earth, which is full of darkness, Read more