Contact with Us

There are many ways you can contact us. Understanding the nature of our research is a very distant thing, and contact with us alone is not enough to understand it. We want to connect with investigative minds and truth seekers.

The media below are the ones you can contact with us. Reply from our side may be delayed sometimes as we are always concentrating on research matters

Now if you want to talk directly with our important people Only contact them directly for the most important things For information about joining us, please use the form, they do not need to contact us. Now if anything is important you can talk to us

Enigmatic Nithin

FDR & Managing Director

This person is the founder and you can contact him directly through Whatsapp, Telegram and Skype. You can contact him for your important queries. You can ask him about our research topics or the running of our organization. You can contact him for queries about Cosmological and theological findings.

Dileep Mohan (King Virus)


This person is the CEO and Managing director and you can contact him directly through Whatsapp and Telegram only. He mostly relating with the Team Ezra Management and He is very intelligent in your doubt solution of artificial intelligence