The mathematical Universe (Equation of Singularity)

Prologue We may have a good knowledge of mathematics, but do you know exactly what mathematics speaks to us about?  Current mathematical discoveries indicate that mathematics can bring everything to singularity. Through an unknown value as an X, mathematics can bring everything into a mathematical form and find the essence of many hidden facts. But … Continue reading The mathematical Universe (Equation of Singularity)

The impracticality and Darkness of Rational thought

In our world of controversy, it is very difficult to side with the truth and find the truth. Truth seekers are also rare, truth seekers pursue distances and many pass by without realizing the depth of his word. Those who do not seek the truth think only of what they see. The energy of worldly … Continue reading The impracticality and Darkness of Rational thought

Life without God is Meaningless

Knowing God such that knowing Higher Dimention How do we as Three Dimentions know a Higher Dimention? The fish in the pond are not fully aware of things outside the pond, they can only perceive certain waves from the outside so they cannot fully comprehend. Since they do not have the senses to fully comprehend … Continue reading Life without God is Meaningless

That which is far off, and exceeding deep (The in-depth vision of Universe)

Prologue The journey of man in search of universal truth has been going on since time immemorial. We are looking at a Higher Dimension. As long as we are in the human structure (Three Dimension) we are subject to inquiries, so what happened to us? The same science has rejected the hypothesis that the universe … Continue reading That which is far off, and exceeding deep (The in-depth vision of Universe)

Micky Virus (Auto programme decode Virus)

Deep Lab is always focused on research on a variety of topics. Deep Lab's discoveries in artificial intelligence are far superior to what we think.  As part of our research, we recently came across a virus that is very dangerous and powerful enough to completely block a server. We were able to detect this virus … Continue reading Micky Virus (Auto programme decode Virus)

Artificial Wormhole (Completely private information transferring System)

Complete private information transferring system