Ask your Questions

We have already explained that Deep Lab is not just an area of research on any one subject. Our goals and strategies will be very high. Many of those who work with us are like that. Only those with a high level of learning and inquisitive nature can stay with us. This page is a platform for resolving your doubts, you can ask us about many topics that you have not yet found satisfactory answers to, and after our detailed and extensive study we will publish your question and answer on the site. Although there are many platforms for questions and answers, this is not the case.  All these are the result of the study and hard work of many.  Just as there are no stupid questions in science, we do not dismiss your questions

Terms and conditions

  1. Your questions should be valuable
  2. You must have the right knowledge of your question
  3. This is not a platform to ask a riddle or proverb (ask if relevant)
  4. Avoid questions that are irrelevant and do not require explanation
  5. If your questions have too many heights, we will post the answer here by fully revealing your identity.

You can share your questions with us through these media