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The Enigma team is primarily focused on the study and research of the universe and life. This is the deepest research area in the deep lab. All subjects except Artificial Intelligence are managed by the Enigma team. Team Enigma studies what life is and the significance of life in this universe and of mankind, the highest creation of life. Team Enigma explains that we know only a three-dimensional structure of life, and that the highest level of life is above our knowledge. Team Enigma’s discovery was that everything in the universe has different aspects of life beyond our knowledge, and that knowledge of this aspect would make us superiorly complete sages. This is the deepest field of study of the Deep Lab Research Organization. This team studies and discusses theological, biological and cosmological topics. The details we disclose are entirely ours and will be what we find in the light of scientific knowledge. Many topics that are considered to be hypothetical today are discussed here.

Enigma’s Special Research Fields

Enigma is a team of deeplab that conducts deep studies on many mysterious and very important topics. The following topics are team Enigma’s special research topics


Methodology refers to the underlying strategy and rationale of your research project. This involves studying the methods used in your field and the theories and principles behind them to develop an approach that matches your goals and objectives.


Ecopsychology is an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinarity field that focuses on the integration of ecology and psychology and the promotion of sustainability.


Agnoiology is the theoretical study of the quality, dimension and state of ignorance, importantly what can be considered “unknowable”. James Frederick Ferrier coined the term in his Institutes of Metaphysics as a layer of theory of knowledge or epistemology.


Epistemology is the theory of knowledge or the science of knowledge, epistemology explains what is a proper knowledge, what is the basis and infinity of knowledge and how it relates to individuals.


Pseudoscience consists of statements, beliefs, or practices that claim to be scientific and factual but are inconsistent with the scientific method. A large topic of pseudoscience is whether there are any hidden facts that cannot be scientifically proven.


Thanatology is a scientific discipline that examines death from many perspectives, including physical, moral, spiritual, medical, sociological, and psychological.


Metaphysics is the post-matter study of nature, which refers about to a concept, theory, or positive reality beyond the human sensory perception. In modern philosophical terminology, metaphysics refers to the study of what cannot be reached through objective studies of physical reality.


Mysticism is popularly known as becoming one with God or the Absolute, but may refer to any kind of ecstasy or altered state of consciousness which is given a religious or spiritual meaning. Here the aim of mysticism is to rationalize irrational ideas and to recognize the higher and more mysterious aspects of all facts.


In theology, ponerology is the study of evil. The main subfields of study are the nature of evil, the origins of evil, and the psychology of evil as it relates to divinity


Xenology, known as exology, is the scientific study of extraterrestrial life. It is used to denote a hypothetical science whose object of study would be extraterrestrial societies developed by alien lifeforms.


Teleology or finality is the cause or explanation of something that serves as a function of its end, purpose, or goal, as opposed to something that serves as a function of its cause.


Artology is an art of showing the unseen rather than the seen, it also has a scientific attitude and psychological or non-psychological impact. An artologist is someone who can draw the mysterious and highly meaningful unexplained things, while others are artists.


Imaginology is the study of various aspects of the display of the intellectual domain of imagination, Imaginology deals with reflecting ideas and suggestions of the mind through stories, novels, poems, pictures and films.


Truthology is the inquiry into the nature of reality. It is an ethical general subject that is relevant to all fields. Truthology is the ethical analysis of keeping all research findings grounded in truth

Research Methodology

In its most general sense, methodology is the study of research methods. However, the term can refer to methods or philosophical discussion of related background assumptions. A method is a structured procedure to achieve a specific goal.

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