The way of ultimate positive thinking and charecter formation

The mind is one of the most complex things in the world, so how complicated it is to learn about the mind. We know that the basis of each individual life is their environment and circumstances. These environments and circumstances may be inherited or may have occurred after birth. It is these environments and circumstances that determine the personality and dimensions of each baby at birth although, there have also been some extraordinary births in the world that transcend circumstances and surroundings, you may have heard of some such individuals. The lives of individuals who are born and grow up with bad habits at birth can be transformed into good personal lives through our constant hard work. Some personal lives are so complex that we may not even be able to understand or relate to them, and some other personal lives may be so mysterious that the mind and body do not match. Some of these individual lives lead to many mental problems and conditions so it is important not only to feed and nurture the children but also to deeply understand their mental states, clearly monitor their actions and try to make them sustainable and ultimately good natured. We have a lot of personal lives around us where mind and body are not compatible, and many of them may have dormant ubnormal characteristics because a stable mental state does not exist in them. Their minds will be so complex that if they are constantly guided by the powerful and energetic ideas of reality they can be made to have sustainable good character. As light comes and removes darkness.

Pregnancy and Character formation

Pregnancy is the earliest stage of character formation. This is a very mysterious stage of a person’s character formation, and sometimes the character that is formed becomes any other mysterious traits unlike the parents. In fact, the baby’s behavior is determined before it reaches the mother’s womb, Even before the baby’s mother and father are together.

Recent WHO (World Health Organization) findings show that stress and anxiety during pregnancy can badly affect the baby’s health, but even without stress and anxiety, all of her negative thoughts and emotions can deeply affect the baby’s mental levels and they can be born negative personality. Just because an infant is nourished and raised healthy does not mean that the infant is getting what it needs. What is the point of having a generation of adulterers and wicked people? Is it not better for children not to be born than to grow up and commit crimes and atrocities? It is their behavior, which is determined before a baby is born, that often leads them to till the end so they need to be given the principles of life to shine with the greatest flame among these generations that are heading for distant destruction. What good would it do him to be a world-conquering prodigal son like Alexander? What gain is it if a person lives here without knowing the meaning of life? No matter how much we have learned without knowing the meaning, it has not been of any use to us till date right?

Everything from us is similar to our structure, whether it is mental or physical, but it is very difficult to rewrite this phenomenon. Areas of scientific study, such as epigenetics and neuroplasticity, explain much of the obvious possibility of this rewriting. All of our thoughts and perspectives will change our physical reactions and radiance so that change will change our environment as well. So the basis of all change begins with us. Just as every food a pregnant mother eats affects the health of the unborn baby, so her thoughts and actions all affect the baby’s behavior. We know that the nutrients that the baby receives from the mother during pregnancy keeps the baby healthy and that it is not possible for the baby to convert the food from the mother on its own into nutrients. Similarly, when the mother is able to give the baby the positive and deep things that the baby’s structure can adapt to during pregnancy, it forms the basis for the birth of a more positive personality. In short, the information we receive must become a nutrient. This means that any idea can be transformed in a way that even a baby can understand. How can we explain a fact to a baby if we do not even understand it properly? If a child does not clearly understand your words, it means that we do not understand that fact clearly.

The essence is what we understand and accept which will make us. that will affect our all acts, creatures and anything in our life, so find and live with positive which will make us positive.

Environment and character formation

     If we look closely, we can see many very different environments around us, many of which originated from humanity. Language, art, culture, religion, spirituality and etc. These are create and change the environment. All of the current positive and negative environmental changes are based on changes in the above facts. So if we want to lead a person in a positive direction, we must first adapt that person’s environment to him. In the early stages of our lives, we begin to develop behaviors similar to those of our environment, and although we may not be able to teach babies from an early age, They can monitor your environment and adapt to it, which is the basis of their behavior. So we can make them good and deep behaviour babies by giving them good environment even when they are babies. If so, how can we change our environment? Here we are referring not only to an external change in our environment but also to an internal and external change. External changes are caused by internal changes. Anything made of an atom has the ability to receive and emit the energy around it. It is this ability that builds the environment.

Perspectives that are passed on from an individual or from a community affect the biology of the area in which they live, as well as the energy sphere of that area, and even the children born there and other living creatures. When we study the cultural, religious and educational foundations of an area and at the same time discover the biological basis of that area and the energy impact that exists there, we really understand the environment of that area. Through it one can identify the nature and behavior of the individual lives in that area.

In terms of energy, light is the highest state of energy that is eternal and the cause of everything, and we call light generally true, so that the good environment can only come from light. Darkness can never create a good environment and cannot travel in the dark without the help of light.

The light always resides in the heights and comes from the heights. We can receive the light that comes to us but we have to go to the abode of light itself to find the higher states of light.

Deep Lab

For our environment to change, we must first change ourselves, and no one living in a negative way can lead anyone to a positive. But a psychologist or philosopher may be able to help you, because they know more about human morality and the vagueness and practicality of life. A theologian is most better than others, that’s reason is his knowledge is related with eternity and divinity.

As light removes darkness, so our environment becomes the abode of light as we discover the eternal and ultimate truths from its abode and put them into practice.

The formation of insane and cruel behavior and its source and origin

We have seen above that the environment plays an important role in the formation of character and it has been explained above that it is these environments that turn the lives of individuals into both positive and negative and we are the originators of all these environments. In order to understand many of the characteristics of abnormalities, we needed to know a higher level of experience, for which we needed a personality assessment of some abnormal individual lives. As a result of this assessment, the source of the unnatural persecution shocked us and we remembered and feared for generations to come. It has been found that in most individuals the delusion of their behavior patterns started from their family background. Even parents guide their children to negative and only show to them worldliness. The energy of worldliness subdues them and turns their behaviors into negative ones. The scientific discovery that what we see is not real remains an inspiration for discovering reality and yet many follow only illusion, this is the power of worldliness. The power of reality destroys illusion as it positivity destroys negative. Many factors that may be deeply ingrained in the minds of many individuals in the early stages of their lives have a profound effect on their behavior, making them either positive or negative.

Let me tell you about a recent incident where a boy (6 Year’s Old) was playing with his younger sister when he injured his sister in the arm with a knife for no apparent reason and then the next day he pushed his sister’s hand between the doors and injured her. Sometimes this you may seem like a trivial matter because they are children, but no one realizes that are the beginning of a negative trait that is developing. We inquired as to the cause of this kind of behavior, and he had no very bad family circumstances, but we realized that many of the films and cartoons are he had seen and heard had affected his character. Many parents say that all of their bad behaviors will change as they get older, which is not sure if this is possible. Let me tell you an another incident, we explored the history of a boy’s private life from adolescence onwards, revealing that he had an indescribable enmity towards the offspring of animals and the offspring of humans, and a desire to harm them. This kind of behavior came out from him because of the harassment and mental pressure he had to face for no reason from others during his childhood. We found that the basis of many of the current emerging personalities and negative traits and many traits associated with mental illness that we explored were the visual areas in which they interact mostly on a daily basis. Let me mention too one an another more scary incident we had to uncover during one of our investigations into paranormal activity. A 17-year-old girl suffocated and killed her elder brother who was undergoing treatment at home in a bike accident. The reason for the murder was that the older brother had broken up a love affair she had a year ago at the age of 16. Do we give babies solid food? Doing so can may lead to the death of the baby, so we chew and give them that solid food so that it does not harm them. You give them hard food when their organs are ripe enough to eat everything. The number of reported crimes in India in 2021 is 3,06,389 and the number of unreported is higher. According to our long-running study, crime, violence, anarchy, injustice, adultery, harassment, and rape occur in over 85% of the world’s population and these are happening in every 5 second. So how can you tell your kids are on the right track? didn’t you know that it is impossible to destroy anything with a strong foundation? So you first find the truth and guide your children to the path of truth, and correct the behaviors that point to their wrong natures early on. Its practicality is not as trivial as I wrote.

Sci: Enigmatic Nithin says that we were born on this earth not just to live and die but that all human beings were born from a single ancestor for the same purpose. Man can find nothing permanent under the heavens except to realize that ultimate purpose of life and submit to that truth. According to him, the greatest crime and stupidity in us is not finding meaning of life. Those who do not find the ambiguities of life work for injustice, they see only evil in front of them, they accept untruth and hate truth, they work hard for selfishness.  Life is only meaningless and useless without realizing the meaning of life.

The basis of ultimate positive thinking and deep character formation

The ultimate positive thought is only to discover the ambiguities of life, the ambiguities of life exist in eternity, and only reality can ever exist and falsehood can only provide eternal destruction.  Even the visual universe in which we live is just an illusion so there is no benefit to anyone from going after this illusion, there is no other gain in this illusory universe other than finding what is needed to sustain life on a daily basis.  Individuals are born and die every day. It is not clear to them what happened before and after their births, but the universe existed before their birth, before the birth of all individual lives, and before the creation of the earth and, eventually everything becomes singularity
So what was the need for a space-time formation in this infinite universe?  What was the significance of human life in that visual universe?  The universe did not simply evolve, as evolutionists say, but there was a reason for all the formations.  Science has shown experimentally that an observational phenomenon (Observer effect) exists to observe the universe, and that the result of that observation is the basis of this visual universe.  So it is very difficult to find positive things but human life is irrelevant unless eternity is found. The essence of everything is the life of a truly positive person is to know the morality of life and its superiority and practicality, and to live with perfect scientific and theological knowledge that there is another state that is more important than worldly life.

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