The mathematical Universe (Equation of Singularity)


We may have a good knowledge of mathematics, but do you know exactly what mathematics speaks to us about?  Current mathematical discoveries indicate that mathematics can bring everything to singularity. Through an unknown value as an X, mathematics can bring everything into a mathematical form and find the essence of many hidden facts. But only that they should be brought into mathematical form. It is very difficult and requires a lot of time. The universe, which has existed indefinitely, changes into another structure of time and space, and eventually returns to its infinitely old state through a mathematical operation. So what’s that math function? How can that mathematical function bring everything back to unity? We will see

• The Theory of Singularity and The universe is subject to addition

The mathematical conclusion is that the origin and growth of numbers are from zero, which means that zero is a special structure that can create so many numbers, so zero does not represent emptiness. Whenever there is a number 1, there is also a number -1. Here we see Einstein’s theory that any action has an opposite reaction. Then the positive number 1 comes first, which means that only if something exists does something the opposite occur. Quantum physics teaches that this is how darkness and light came into being. An addition brings them back to the old state of 0. (-0,+0 and 0 are the same when it comes to reality, except that they can be used in calculations)

Signed zero is zero with an associated sign. In ordinary arithmetic, the number 0 does not have a sign, so that −0, +0 and 0 are identical. However, in computing, some number representations allow for the existence of two zeros, often denoted by −0 (negative zero) and +0 (positive zero), regarded as equal by the numerical comparison operations but with possible different behaviors in particular operations. 


In that case, Einstein’s theory is invalid in the presence of zero. (-100+100=0) It is this act of addition that unites us and all the facts we see. So the process of addition is more complicated than we know. Leaving the structural distinction of numbers and descending into their inwardness would lead to another mysterious mathematical world. Although everything goes to infinity, positive and negative numbers can only grow in such a way as to achieve the old state of zero, subject to addition at any given time.  Singularity is not possible unless the Addition (+) function is inserted between them. So singularity is a very complex activity and we have to be just as complex to understand it.

• The philosophy of addition and the independent structure of Universe

Above we see that zero is the beginning of everything and the sum of all things is zero in a combination. Only when everything is subjected to a combination does it return to its original state, i.e. (100 + (- 100 = 0) eliminating darkness with light. If the universe is subjected to an addition, it can be brought into unity. So what is an addition? This function is very complex. The two current forces in the universe are light (+1) and darkness (-1). There is generally no war between light and darkness, and when the light comes on the darkness goes away but the darkness does not come in and move the light. In the absence of light, darkness only exerts its influence. The light always resides in the heights and comes from the heights. We can receive the light that comes to us but we have to go to the abode of light itself to find the higher states of light. But when light comes with its brilliance, how can light shine inside a physical structure that does not allow light to pass through to remove darkness? Similarly, another similar structure exists in the universe, beginning with man, the most complex creature in the universe, and from him to all living things. Let me explain the reason for this.

   The universe has a free nature It is not easy to understand this free nature of the universe because we, the human beings, who are considered to be the most insignificant in the universe, are made of the complete nature of the universe. Just as we have an intellect and consciousness, Just as we have the intellect and the ability to act accordingly, Just as there is always dynamism, Just as we have everyday goals and dimensions, Just as we have a large structure that is undamaged and flawless. Thus the universe exists in our same form, and we too are created in the form and likeness of the universe. We just exist in a three dimensional structure. How can we, who are thus constructed only slightly below the perfection of this universe, fully understand the free nature of the universe, which exists at the height of all the above attributes, without even having a clear understanding of ourselves?Therefore, addition was not possible when man, who was thus created in the same form of the universe and was in charge of everything, contradicted the purpose for which he was created. Instead remained in the negative. Since everything has its own structural freedom, man subjected himself to materialism. That change affected not only his environment but also space time, starting with the sun. So everything turned out to be extremely negative. So singularity is not possible unless we, who are made free, are subject to the ultimate reality. In fact submission does not create a dependency but reality gives us freedom there. If we are free through untruth, we must submit to truth because only reality always exists.  If we are subject to something in the right way it means that nothing exists contrary to that fact.  That is, it is better to submit to something eternal and clear than to be free from falsehood.  If truth subdues us, it will be to give us eternal freedom.

• The Equation of Singularity. The explanation of structure of the universe in mathematical form

Above we have seen Theory and Philosophy, now let us move on to Equation. This equation is the limitation of the unknown dimensional calculations to three-dimensional. If we examine this equation from beginning to end, we can see that it starts from one submission and ends with the same submission. Each number in this equation carries a perfect and complete concept. This equation explains that everything came from Infinity, that everything has an existence similar to Infinity, and that it eventually arrives at Infinity itself through a mathematical operation, and that Infinity can only exist in the form of singularity. Anything that grows to infinity can only grow in a singularity form. In this equation you will find a clear explanation of the cosmological theory that starts with a big bang and ends with a big crunch. Mathematics is not only about explaining physical realities, it is also about explaining things beyond the physical.

Our universe began with another structure smaller than infinity but with similarities to it, i.e. ‘∞> = 0’ and the end would be the same. The distance from Infinity to zero is very complex. Mathematical operations between infinity and zero are related to things and phenomena in an unknown dimention. Nothing that exists in singularity is subject to values. They do not acquire values unless a separation is in place. The calculations that make them symmetrical and exist between them are above description and space constraint. We have only one fact which is clear: (1 + (- 1) = 0). So as long as we are in a three dimensional structure all of these things are inaccessible to us.

And so the Equation is should be like this


Many facts in our world today remain highly controversial and beyond comprehension because of our rationalism. The rational right move may sometimes lead us to the reality, but it becomes useless when it just goes into the form of an argument. Therefore, this equation is dedicated to researchers and learners

Warning: All ideas and texts in this article (overall by Deep Lab) are perfectly preserved. So it is a crime for anyone to copy any of these texts without mentioning us. It may even lead you to court.

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The explanation of the article Mathematical Universe was very in-depth so we would like to publish the topic as a book and we are now in its works.

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