The impracticality and Darkness of Rational thought

In our world of controversy, it is very difficult to side with the truth and find the truth. Truth seekers are also rare, truth seekers pursue distances and many pass by without realizing the depth of his word. Those who do not seek the truth think only of what they see. The energy of worldly life continues to subdue all minds to such an extent

• The impracticality of rational thought

All the facts in our universe are rational and at the same time transcendent. Reason has only a three-dimensional structure and every fact in the universe has a rational and transcendent appearance. But those who do not know this aspect of the universe become rationalists, of whom logic remains an argument. This is where rationality becomes impractical. Where the argument has its impact, everything becomes impractical, it leads them into great darkness, and this is where we need the importance of inquisitiveness. Nothing is instantly understandable and there are lofty ideas for everything, and who will seek them out? Rationalism itself is straightforward and when it becomes an argument it becomes useless. All the facts and organizations that have become contentious are separated like broken clay pots after burning, so dear ones, leave all that is controversial and come to the path of truth. Because truth does not create controversy, truth is like light removes darkness. We know that when light enters a darkened room, the room leave the darkness and accept the light, In the same way, find wisdom that no one can resist, so that we may give light to all minds. This is true and clear advice.

• To the practicality of rational thought

The practicality of reasoning lies in the inquisitiveness that leads him from a three-dimensional structure to a higher dimension. Rational thinking is not based on one thing, it is a unification to understand everything, who knows that unification? The roots of worldly life lie in the non-worldly Who discovered those non-worldly things? One understands everything from one’s own logic and that is the first step.

The aggregate or global capacity of an individual to think rationally, to act purposefully and to deal efficiently with the environment

David Wechsler

A truly intelligent man is one who thinks rationally about everything around us, acts objectively, and manages them practically. All our knowledge begins with the step of rational thought. Thus we who are knowledgeable and learning about life and its surroundings will grow and discover the totality of our life through this universe as we discover and understand another eternal life and surroundings that transcend all that surrounds our life and surroundings. Yet perfection is still a long way off. We are capable of thinking. If one of the two persons says that there is a fact and the other does not have such a fact, which of the following would a rationalist accept? How will he end their dispute? Because the beginning of the absence is from the existing. Therefore, let us not walk in the ways of ambiguity, but in the way of clarity.

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