Life without God is Meaningless

Knowing God such that knowing Higher Dimention How do we as Three Dimentions know a Higher Dimention? The fish in the pond are not fully aware of things outside the pond, they can only perceive certain waves from the outside so they cannot fully comprehend. Since they do not have the senses to fully comprehend the external, so one who is external and who travels through the external can find a solution to the problem if he becomes a fish?

Unless God reveals Himself to man, how can man know that there is something beyond this world, and that what is not seen is eternal?”

Our greatest folly is not to think about what is above. We think only of ourselves and our surroundings, but think of the above (Parallel Universe) that carries us and our lives and all our surroundings and view ourselves and our lives and all our surroundings through that realization then we will reach the realm of knowledge. Those who know and see this knowledge, God is the name by which that knowledge is called. As we take steps to move from one place to another, we are moving away from where we were before and closer to the other place we are aiming for, just as God does not communicate with man unless he constantly opens his mind to know God. We cannot receive the ultimate wisdom from God unless we are completely new (Born of God). It is only that darkness can exert its influence in the absence of light, just as darkness cannot penetrate into light. God is holy. There is no evil in him, so no one knows God without holiness. God speaks to us as soon as we open our minds, but it is acceptable to us only according to the extent of the relationship, and without holiness no one knows God. They seek darkness as light because many seek God with a heart full of vain covetousness, living in impurity without giving up all aspects of impurity. Because God is holy, those who seek Him must walk in holiness, otherwise they will never know God, only know the darkness. They blind others as blind guides, do not include God in knowledge, suppress the thought of God in mere human intellect, give glory to God with mere lips, and the heart is in darkness. Human hearts today do not think that there is anything beyond materialism. He clings to materialism and calls extreme blindness God. They see God as a merchant, a savior who gives money and good fortune. They will spend all their intellect, ability and life for the vain life on earth without thinking anything about God or God’s purpose. Everything we need for our life is on this earth and we need to find it, the Father has made everything for the children and they are all before our eyes. But dear children, who love and obey only the Father who owns them all, go to the Father for the unseen and eternal property and inheritance that he gives to all his children so that no one can receive God except by renouncing this vain life. It is not about leading a monastic life, so there is no evidence that any of them went to perfection except to find their skeleton at the top of the mountain where they performed tapas. So seek God by overcoming them among the people of unclean lips, and you will find. We may also need a solitary life for certain things.

From the beginning to the present day God has spoken to men about himself, they examine their hearts and do not find out what it is. The senses to hear what we and the universe in which we live are telling us are now extinct for many and no one is searching. When the world closed the eyes of many, God opened the eyes of some through science. From the beginning of the continual search for the infinite and profound God, we recognize all thoughts that are contrary to God’s thought, constantly contemplate those divine truths (the Word), and at the same time transform ourselves completely into those higher divine attributes, perfecting the mind, body, and many other dimensions perfecting the divine connection. This divine relationship has a clear field of energy. Our soul is in constant contact with the Spirit of God where language or expressions have nothing else to do with the fact that the soul is in contact with the Spirit. That is how we can receive that divine wisdom. It also has a scientific basis called Hyper Communication. It is this constant inquiry and study that leads one to the completion of knowledge.

“I rejoice in your word as one who finds great spoil”

A new knowledge will sometimes make us happy if the value of that knowledge is so great. The above verse shows the joy that comes from discovering the ultimate wisdom from God. This is the experience of anyone who finds it, and he thinks only of the God who causes everything, without giving any value to these vain worldly pleasures or anything. There is nothing flawless in them, all the evils of tradition, all the traditions, all are constantly being rewritten in them, and they are constantly receiving the light and giving the light, and they continue to become the same light. Wherever they pass, they are filled with light. Wherever the musk deer goes, it is as if the fragrance that comes out of him fills the air naturally, and this light naturally emanates from them, and they discover the universe, its distant future, present, and past.
All of God’s creation speaks of God

“The heavens declare the glory of God; The skies proclaim the work of his hands. ”

God is talking to us about this universe‌ Science seeks and scientific discoveries about the universe give us only a technical knowledge How can anyone who searches only for the object I have made know me? But he who seeks the obvious purpose of making that object will know little of me but without holiness no one knows God so with such technical knowledge only a little can be found. Everyone learns only about the universe. The universe speaks to us every moment, always taking our eyes on the unseen eternal. Only those whose inquisitiveness becomes the basis of life can discover the truth. You can search all the books that teach about God’s thoughts, and you can constantly study and explore them. Beyond all this, it takes a mind to find the truth and a constant longing for it. This quest and longing is a constant activity until the end of life. By reaching this divine relationship we will return to all worldly truths, qualities that no one can count or recognize, and we will become perfect, just as the Father is perfect.

 “I sought in mine heart to give myself unto wine, yet acquainting mine heart with wisdom; and to lay hold on folly, till I might see what was that good for the sons of men, which they should do under the heaven all the days of their life”

Remember that giving the mind to know the truth and giving place to the thoughts of the flesh will cause great destruction, discover the unnaturalness of the truth without understanding anything naturally and become in that spontaneity.  Because there is nothing greater than finding the truth. Seek, and when we seek, we will find, and when we reach perfection, we will know perfection

“Man has nothing on earth but to discover why God has put man in this structure and to abide in it.”

Warning: All ideas and texts in this article (overall by Deep Lab) are perfectly preserved. So it is a crime for anyone to copy any of these texts without mentioning us. It may even lead you to court.

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