That which is far off, and exceeding deep (The in-depth vision of Universe)


The journey of man in search of universal truth has been going on since time immemorial. We are looking at a Higher Dimension. As long as we are in the human structure (Three Dimension) we are subject to inquiries, so what happened to us? The same science has rejected the hypothesis that the universe evolved, and they found that in Singularity formed a space-time and it is not by an evolutionary phenomenon, but an Observation (Observer effect) that created the universe. Nothing happens by itself without a medium, What things we create every day. But what is created is what we find in the intellect, and if we constantly inquire and study about the creation of created by a man, we can better understand that creation, but can we know anything about the man who created that object? Can you understand at least a little bit of that personality through that work? What if that creation is the smallest of man’s other creations? This is the scientific view, that science learns about creation. We learn about creation from the Creator, so our knowledge is perfect. Evidence is what the Creator says about the created thing, and only those who observe creation know about creation. He who knows the universe and the eternal structure of the universe, and thereby seeks out life and the ambiguities of life, will know the real and sublime aspects of everything. The universe and the structure of the universe are showing us a great eternal truth that is the basis of everything, so there can be no excuse for those who pursue untruth and being reluctant to seek the truth. This generation that follows untruth has already come to their eternal destruction through their untruth. Truth lives in the distance and only pedestrians can reach it, so who can leave this illusion and seek the truth? Truth-seeking is not just a quest, it is the culmination of a quest. “That which is far off, and exceeding deep, who can find it out?” (Ecclesiastes 7:24)

The hidden eternal truth revealed by the universe

The word universe has different meanings in different contexts. In colloquial English, the word often means “all that exists.”The concept of ‘no’ does not exist in this universe There is only the lack of what is, that everything is formed from the present, that we seek that which exists, that we know what exists, that we discover what exists, but that the present which is not confined dwells in the distant and the abyss. We now see the absence of the present or the quest to find the present. If we see something as an idea, it will only be what exists. The word ‘no’ itself is derived from the word ‘yes’. Even if we think no, something like that can already exist. Only the existing one can be said to be non-existent. Thus God is an idea that is omnipresent in the human intellect, and God is present in every intellect as an idea. The great proof of the existence of God is the fact that the intellect is incapable of seeing anything that does not exist as an idea, and the great truth is that to this day many have not been able to come up with that idea. Many who claim to have found it have confined that idea to idols, to mortal men, and to everything that perishes in this world. Many people try to understand the ultimate existence of God beyond the realm of the intellect without even understanding the meaning of the word ‘no’ that we speak every moment. Therefore, only if we are properly aware of what we see, can we understand at least a little bit of eternity beyond what we see. It is not a big deal to claim that God exists, but to discover the facts about God is one thing, great and endless, and we will continue to be God-like from the beginning. Just as any object that receives light reflects that light, so the divine truths are perfect and eternal, so those who find them will shine like lights among themselves so that others may see that perfect and eternal light and come out of the veil of darkness. All thoughts of what exists are so distant and profound that whoever discovers it will continue to go endlessly into those abysses of ultimate reality from which the discoverer cannot return. The universe is everything we see and do not see. Why a visible universe, another subtle universe invisible and infinite? The earth we live on and the universe we see are all mere illusions, meaning that the universe has something to say to us beyond what we see and understand. So not thinking about what is above remains our greatest folly.

Eternal truths about God told to us by truth seekers and those who have received divine vision

The ideas we follow about God have been basically written in the minds and plates (DNA) of mankind since the beginning of time for the complete destruction of darkness. Through a genetic change that took place in him, the extraterrestrial became terrestrial, thus forming the structure of darkness for mankind as well. The idea of God still lingered in him, but the depths and thoughts of God were forgotten from him. But those who turned their minds to the truth sought the eternal power that caused everything from the acceptable and evident knowledge of that time, and recorded what they found for all generations, so that knowledge was not only for the generations of old, but for all generations of all time. They found in the soul the infinite oneness of the universe, the existence of the universe subject to change, and the existence of an eternal universe in which everything returns to oneness, and called that ultimate truth from human limitations the glory of God. In fact, for them, the existence of God was not just a knowledge but a perfect realization that transcended all wisdom. It was that conviction that led them, that conviction that they made clear in words, and that conviction always sat there admonishing them. They were constantly moving towards cosmic truths that no one could reach. If we want to understand a Higher dimension, we need to reduce that Higher Dimension to our structure (3 Dimension). This is above any inquisitiveness. These seekers, without rejecting anyone’s words or ideas, subject all those thoughts to thought and inquiry, thinking and observing and examining everything, and in the midst of darkness the divine perfection kept coming to them as light. Therefore, only he who is subject to the truth that is the root cause of everything and remains a disciple of that truth can know the divine perfection, the Father of lights. Thus we will return to the divine perfection we were in before the founding of the world. This is the meaning of us and our life.
We try to write a complete line by thinking and observing it correctly, we can not complete that idea even if it takes our whole life, the written idea will keep asking us questions back and forth The distance of truth is so far away

Inquiry is the key to all doors

Scientific observation is that everything comes from a subtle energy. Energy has no beginning or end and is subject to change from one state to another, the full nature of which is still unclear to scientific observations. But those who discovered that truth wrote that the nature of God is the nature of the ultimate energy above all else. Although God is taught to be an ultimate power, the Bible reveals God as the Father of lights. Light is a supreme state of energy but teaches that God dwells in the invisible light above that highest state. In this verse, too, he reveals himself as one who dwells in that light, a transcendent state that exists as the Father of all energies, capable of being the Father of all energies. What we recognize and understand is only part of the power that our structure can receive, so let the atheists learn what God-seekers say, and it is foolish to oppose what they do not know. Everybody points to religion when they hear that God, do we go to the dead to find a living man? Since it is just a body, there is no connection between religion and God as there is no connection between the living and the dead. If possible, let him look at his own life. Religion cannot lead you from darkness to miraculous light. Christ has said in his teaching that in the last days I will separate the weeds and gather them together for burning,

“Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn.” (Mathew 13)

But God is beyond all human framework. Those who love falsehood have hidden the truth of God and the idea of God in them and in their communities. If there is light, there is darkness. Because God exists, there is also anti-God power. Religion is the way of worshipers of that darkness. They use divine ideas for their survival, they grow by wealth and all the glory of this world, and the power of darkness guides them by all sorts of signs. Religions are subject to principles and divine wisdom is beyond principles (Epiphilosophy). Principles subject us to principles, but divine wisdom (the Word) makes us divine in nature, that is, equal in glory to God. So what is the nature of God? What is God-like glory? There is no connection between a thief not stealing out of fear and a thief not realizing that stealing is wrong. Do not steal is a principle but not even the thought of stealing is a principle that can not be obeyed as a principle and it is about a change from the structure of darkness to the structure of light. So leave the companions of blindness who are again following the doctrines of the first lessons of the world, it is better for you to accept atheism and live in it than for those who are like them, why should it lead to extreme punishment. I say this because of the hardness of human heart. He who knows the truth is free. He who follows falsehood is bound, and eventually the fire will bring him out of bondage. He who knows the truth cannot sit without following the truth. Only knowing the truth is real life success.

You may have heard of the philosopher Augustine, who said, “Absolute goodness is God. Next is the human heart and the last is the physical body. Our inquiry should focus only on the Supreme Wisdom and the search for the existence of the body is only the ultimate. He corrected the old view that the only measure of good life was happiness, and he came up with a holistic view that only ultimate wisdom or God can bring ultimate happiness. This is what he taught so seek the truth

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you

Those who are willing to seek the truth first accept the truth as God, that is, as the ultimate one. Pray continues, “Hey truth, lead me also into your truth”
“I, the Wisdom, dwell with the subtle intellect. Those who seek me diligently will find me.”
They scrutinized and studied everything and it taught their minds day by day, their ideas were carried by religions and they were seen everywhere like whitewashed tombs increasing day by day.

Listen to the essence of everything

Energy has many higher states and innumerable properties that are unknown to us, and we call that energy the Creator because everything comes from that energy. Everything existed only in eternity, in the highest state of energy, in divine perfection. The universe we see is caused by the presence of darkness (Satan) as part of creation in the unified universe. It takes time and space. But on top of this fact, the Bible reveals that the Word is the cause and basis of everything. Today’s discovery of the science of the universe (Dark matter and Dark Energy) confirms this idea. Seekers of God called this opposing force Satan and the power of darkness. The work of darkness is to subject us only to the illusion we see and to close the world of light even from our thoughts. In the Old Testament, the prophet Daniel told people that many of those who slept in the dust of the earth would wake up to eternal life, and some to shame and everlasting disgrace. Science also asserts this truth, that light goes to light (Parallel Universe) and darkness to darkness (Worm Hole). Then where does wisdom come from? Where is the source of wisdom? Hell and death say, We have heard it with our ears. God knows its way; He is certain of its origin (Job 28: 2022-23). God, in one way or another, is leading everything to Himself. Suppose a man has a specific goal, but how can he reach his goal if something goes against it?  Is it not enough to do what is against his goal in his favor?  This is what God is doing. The universe and all its creatures and we are all the same idea.  Even if we observe at God from the beginning to the end, you can only see this idea.  So what about the eternity and the distant future? The mystery of the universe, which philosophers and the wise men of this world have not fully grasped, has been discovered by some who are not even slightly literate. They, the disciples who followed the Almighty Christ, wrote that ultimate truth in three words, “For of him, and through him, and to him, are all things: to whom be glory for ever. Amen.” If these three words are studied separately, those writings will be too large to be written in any book on earth. When we were babies we obeyed our parents’ rules and when we were young those principles became our habit. In the same way, God subjected all things to principles and showed us the freedom from that bondage. How do we find the right one without knowing what is wrong?

So, dear ones, form yourself an inquisitive mind. There is nothing on this earth for man but to discover the universe we see, and the ambiguity of your life through it, and to live in that truth,

Warning: All ideas and texts in this article (overall by Deep Lab) are perfectly preserved. So it is a crime for anyone to copy any of these texts without mentioning us. It may even lead you to court.

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