Nature is the shadow of the hidden eternity (The illusion)

Look at how much insight nature gives us each day, and how many great lessons it gives us every time we sleep and wake up. The presence of the sun on the earth, which is full of darkness, gives such a great light that life exists only by the presence of that light. When the sun is gone, we are plunged into darkness by the power of the light which we received from him when we saw him, and awake by his presence. We see him from afar, and all we see is light coming out of him. He has so much energy that we cannot get close unless a structural change takes place in us. His glory always shines before us, though we are far away, and the light shines on all, without any partiality, whether wicked and righteous. How can the light shine on a person when he is sitting in a room where the light does not penetrate even a little while the light is shining with its brilliance? How will he feel the light? All he has to do is open the windows and doors of the room and bring in the light. Even if a bulb is to be illuminated, it can only be powered from the outside, and light is the basis for it. There is no light from the earth, only light from on high. So the only way to know and receive light is to give up all our material senses. I have told you something more than the sun. Nature speaks to us daily of another transcendent being that we do not see, and our material nature does not allow us to see that eternal appearance. Light is the proof of everything and darkness is the ambiguity. The world is in terrible darkness. Why should we give up light because of our declining materialistic attitudes and why should we still be worshipers of darkness ………?

When a society is negative, nature is also negative. We can evaluate the world by looking at nature. violence, iniquity as well as natural disasters and epidemics everywhere. Such a generation may not last much longer and the end of everything is very near. What a potter makes while making a pottery can be restored to its original form if it breaks down, but if it breaks down after baking, it cannot be rebuilt, and there is no other way but to destroy it. However, they can be brought back if they are modified in such a way that they reach the structure of the mud suitable for construction. But it is a difficult thing. Therefore, dear ones, the light is already with you. Light speaks to us through various means, day and night. The time is near when the light will depart from those who do not receive it, and on that day you will weep and cry, and no one will hear your cry.

“He will not always chide: neither will he keep his anger for ever. His faithfulness endures from generation to generation, For he knoweth our frame; he remembereth that we are dust.(Psalm 103). Who is like you, the God who forgives iniquity and forgives the transgression of the remnant of his inheritance? He is not angry forever; For he delights in mercy. “

We have spoken to you of an absolute truth beyond the realm of intellect through the things we see and hear on a daily basis, and I am commissioned to inform you of these.
If a person in the dark sees a light in the distance, he will follow that light and at the same time call his friends and show them the light.

Warning: All ideas and texts in this article (overall by Deep Lab) are perfectly preserved. So it is a crime for anyone to copy any of these texts without mentioning us. It may even lead you to court.

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