Artificial Wormhole (Completely private information transferring System)

Although there are many systems on social media for exchanging information, there is no media today that provides complete privacy because of our misuse. Although they are called privacy chatting, they have no privacy because the information sent from one person to another is indirectly viewed by another. Take, for example, our main communication medium, Whatsapp. When we share information with another person, a bot of WhatsApp explicitly examines that information, as is the case with other media. Such a system is in place to take clear action against any of the information we transmit if it is found to be illegal.

Bridges are built to connect us from one place to another as we travel because they are not an independent medium because there will always be observations and inspections. Today, bridges are being replaced by tunnels, which are often no longer independent means of transportation and will always be monitored by CC TV systems. Similarly, in the case of communication media, they also have systems such as bridges and tunnels. Bridges will be a free medium, there will be no privacy, and in the case of tunnels, even if it is explained that there is privacy, our information may be monitored by someone else.

Darkweb has communication systems that provide complete privacy, but they may also have monitors. But from another area of Darkweb, we developed an information exchange system called Crypto chat that connects to Surfers Web and can be used by everyone. In 2018, we launched this system. It’s a very confidential medium of communication, with only two people accessing a chat. You may be wondering why this system is so private, we can explain the answer, you do not need any ID Proof to chat here. Already when we go up there you will find unlimited number of rooms in which you can choose a room with any number or numbers you like and the partner you want to talk to can also enter that room so you can share your privacy. We have developed this system but we have not handed it over to anyone other than the one used for testing. What sets Crypato chat apart from the rest is the medium used for communication, as we mentioned above, it is not a bridge or a tunnel, it transmits information through a artificial wormhole, so even current hackers have no access to it …

Warning: All ideas and texts in this article (overall by Deep Lab) are perfectly preserved. So it is a crime for anyone to copy any of these texts without mentioning us. It may even lead you to court.

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