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The Origin of DLRO

This was the beginning of a great mystery. A group of experimenters, researchers and learners. DLRO (Deep Lab Research Organization) is a deepest advanced and versatile field of study and research about the Universe and Life, as well as charitable activities. The main theme of Deep Lab is to show people the Sustainable way. We do research on many different topics, They are all provided for investigators. This organization originated in India and the Scientists are Nithin B and Dileep Mohan started this organization on January 1, 2020, they revealed the results of their intense research and studies from 2015 onwards and their goals and plans will always be beyond the reach of the human mind. They conducted the investigations divided into some teams. Deep Lab strives to remove the ignorance of individuals and guide them to the right path of truth and to their eternal and perfect life.

Our Mission and Vision

Deep Lab is an addition of research on a wide range of topics. Essentially Deep Lab strives to keep individuals on the right path and keep them in the right wisdom and growth. The essence of Deep Lab is that discovering the ambiguities of the ultimate life is what all human beings need. We keep finding all the facts necessary to lead and sustain the lives of individuals on a sustainable path.

We focus on the mental and physical health of individuals.  We want to help those who are orphans, the sick, the elderly and those who are suffering without anyone to help them.  So you can join our charitable activities and donate money for them. Know more about our Charitable Trust

  They are not sustainable because they are given only the food, clothing, and means of subsistence they need, because when we die they are all gone from us, so what’s permanent?  In fact when we die here we are born somewhere else and we take ourselves there. Science describes this structure as a hologram. (Information is Indestructible) That condition and period will be more complicated than the period in which we now live.  Science explains that at the end of the world light (Light Particles) will go to the light it came from and darkness (Dark matter) will go back to the darkness it came at. We are aware of light and darkness, so join the light that exists.  Deep Lab wants to inform you of the principles of reality that have always existed.  Only the books that teach us about divinity have always spoken to us about them, they tell us what happens after death and now science teaches us little about them.  So stay as light The light will always remain as light comes and removes darkness.

A true seeker is one who discovers the ambiguities of ourselves and our lives and leads our lives through them. No one can even recognize this truth except by knowing God. Deep Lab’s ultimate thought is to try to lead the present and future generations, who are more superstitious than the old, who think only of divine truths as myths, to the divine aspect of absolute truth. Theology is the whole essence of science, and science today makes it clear that there is a medium for all matter, so that knowing creation from the Creator is perfect. So our Theological Research and Theological Blogs are written in a way that is very useful for truth seekers.

Deep Lab is not limited to researching certain aspects of the universe, we are researching the all higher aspects of the universe itself. Science explains today that there is a medium in everything We inform you about that medium

Our Main Research Departments

Cosmological Research

When we think of cosmology, we mean the study of all the subjects in the universe, not just one subject. It discusses the deeper cause of the beginning of the universe and the significance of life in it.

Biological Research

Here we learn about the origin of life and its great significance over the entire universe.  It is a logical scientific finding that life comes only from life.  This finding is the basis of all our research in biology.

Historical Research

Our historical investigations have only just begun. Historical researchers can distinguish between secondary sources, primary sources, and physical evidence, such as those derived from archaeological excavations.

Environmental Research

This is the field of research that provides most of our understanding of biology and earth system science. It seeks to describe the structure and function of the natural world, as well as the relationship between this world and humans or human civilization.

Theological Research

Theology is the whole essence of science, and science today makes it clear that there is a medium for all matter, so that knowing creation from the Creator is perfect.

Epiphilosophical Research

Philosophy is the inspirational rhetoric that guides man in the path of principle, but epiphilosophy is the highest form of practicality that cannot be achieved or reached by principle.

Methodological Research

The purpose of this subject developed to a department is many researchers does not understand what is hypothesis and theory. This department try to understand how can perfectly explain about a topic

Artificial Intelligence Research

  Our findings on Artificial intelligence are also very high and they are all provided for researchers. It is also a Google Certified organization, We are ready to carry out legal hacking and thereby detect cyber crimes.

DL™ Android App Mod Research

We have created a section here called DL Android App Research, We are releasing here as a Mod version, adding some extraordinary features to the most popular apps on social media.

Parapsychological Research

Everything we see on a daily basis has a paranormal appearance. The subject of Parapsychological Research starts from the ordinary and goes into the depths of the subject.

Our Activities and More about Us

DL™ Cyber Security

We are ready to carry out legal hacking and thereby detect cyber crimes. that provides complete Cyber security. It is research and Investigation field. We study and try to prove many cases that have not been proven to date.

Paranormal Activity

An abnormality is always hidden in all the activities we do but we do not pay attention to them. But we listen to them and recognize them

DL™ Charitable Trust

We are a non-profit organization, we are looking forward to a peaceful world by helping each other to join hands together to bring a better future for all childrens

Theological Blogs

Theological Blogs is a backdoor of Theological Research.We know only in part, think in part, and learn in part. We experience only the result of everything and the action remains above our thoughts..

Acts of Ezra™

Ezra is an advanced research area of the Deep Lab. Ezra, which originated from the concept of Elaboration of Zillion Rebirth Applications (EZRA ™), has now been able to regenerate a number of applications. 

Acts of Enigma™

Team Enigma studies what life is and the significance of life in this universe and of mankind, the highest creation of life. Team Enigma explains that we know only a three-dimensional structure of life, and that the highest level of life is above our knowledge.

Chess Research Academy

The deep lab has found that chess can be an exercise that aids in brain development, brain damage and many other brain disorders. dlchessresearch Academy is an authoritative study of the potential of these facts. It is founded and operated by Saj Saimon.

DL Episcientific Quotes

Episcientific quotes are our most in-depth research finding keys, If you study these quotes separately, they will be too big to write in a thousand page book

Contact With Us

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